Beatrix Potter English Tea Triple Gift Pack


A delightful Beatrix Potter English Tea Triple Gift Pack featuring illustrations from The Tale of Peter Rabbit books by Beatrix Potter. These unique tea tins feature beautiful drawings of well-loved, iconic characters.  3 tasty brews which can be enjoyed on their own, with a slice of lemon or with the addition of milk and if preferred a little sugar. Perfect to share with friends, this tea tin gift pack makes an ideal present for Beatrix Potter collectors and fans of the author’s work.

Each gift set contains:

1 x 40 English Breakfast Teabags
1 x 40 English Afternoon Teabags
1 x 40 Earl Grey Teabags

Infusion Tips:

Boil fresh water to 100-degree temperature and pour over the teabag. Leave the teabag to infuse for 5 minutes or longer if desired, for a fuller, stronger taste. Once the tea has finished steeping, immediately remove the teabag and stir.

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