Privacy policy


At the Beatrix Potter Shop we make it essential to keep to our Privacy Policy. All information we gather is strictly confidential.

Beatrix Potter Shop’s website may use “cookies.” Cookies, once accepted, enable the use of shopping carts and can personalise user experience of the Beatrix Potter Shop website. Cookies show which pages the users have visited, measure the impact of online ads and web searches, and provide information about online user interactions so we can always improve. Cookies used on the Beatrix Potter Shop have been categorised using the ICC UK Cookie guide.

If you want to disable cookies, go to web browser Preferences and then to the Privacy settings and choose to block cookies. On your mobile or tablet go to Settings, then web browser settings, and then to the Cookies section.

Cookies are used throughout the website and disabling them may prevent you from using certain parts of the sites.
Cookies are split into categories, There is an essential cookie and then there are performance and functionality cookies. Essential cookies are used for basic browsing of websites and are necessary for any normal web use.

Performance and functionality cookies are measures of patterns and learn from each user. For example, most viewed pages but not information that can identify you.